Athens officially has real Japanese food now.  Not just acceptable sushi, fusion, or hibachi.  Those are things housed within Japanese cuisine and I use housed loosely… I’m talking to you fusion and hibachi.  At any rate, Celebrate!

Sakura is located in a strip mall on ATL Hwy. that can best be described as a dump.  For locals, its near the Depalmas/ Polarberry shopping center across the street from Publix.  Though the outside is a bit of a dump, the inside has nice, chic decor, a sushi bar, entrée seating area and a … (gasp) hibachi area for those of you that want a show that preys upon asian pop culture stereotypes in order to garner bigger tips.  Despite this they have quite a few traditional entree including some decent Udon, teriyaki and miso glazed fishes, and an excellent nigiri selection.  They may not have okonamo yaki, but they have agedashi tofu, sunomono, and the lightning fast, über polite service that is a hallmark of such establishments.  Did I mention service?  That’s right, both their service, fish, and sushi rice are worlds better than other restaurants that rhyme with Shmokoshmini and Shmutage.

Though there is more to Japanese Cuisine than sushi, it happens to be my favorite part.  The way I tend to test out a new establishment is by ordering a sushi dinner.  The Sushi Deluxe at Sakura did not disappoint.  It came with Miso Soup (which is served in a bowl the size of a bucket) a salad, 10 pieces of delicious Nigiri and a Cali roll.  It cost me 20 bucks and was on par with some of the better places I have ever been.  not Nobu, Morimoto, or Tokyo Shokudo, but surprisingly close.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking though as they are far more eloquent than I could attempt to be.  Long story short, go to Sakura, try whatever it is you fancy, leave happy.
Sakura on Urbanspoon

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