Sr. Sol

Every once in a while I like to do a truly easy review.  A review, if you will, where everyone already knows about the joint, but it’s just so good you can’t let it go unreviewed.  Sr. Sol is just this kind of place.

Located on Oglethorpe rd. 2 or three miles outside of the epicenter that is downtown Athens, Ga, Sr. Sol was a best kept secret… 2 years ago.  Then a few people ate there, and as people tend to do, brought their friends back to share this delicious experience.  Afore mentioned friends brought their friends, who in turn brought their friends… and …well… you get the picture.  Now you can’t park there. Seriously, the parking is the only bad thing about this place.

The good things about Sr. Sol are as follows: everything.  Their space is small but the service is so fast that you are almost never left waiting very long and your food tends to appear before you as you order.  it really is amazing.  Don’t believe me?  Try consuming all your salsa, which is not hard because its delicious, and then begin counting.  If you get to 60 I’d be floored.

In addition to the wonderful service the food here is good and authentic for the most part( will get to this in a moment).  However, Sr. Sol’s real strength is that it has mexican american and traditional mexican cuisine.  That’s right sports fans you can get crunchy chicken tacos, corn tortillas with cabeza, pastor, lengua, barbacoa, or a fusion flour tortilla with any of the afore-mentioned meats loaded with sour cream and cheese.  To make a long story short, if you can’t find something on the menu that you like… it’s because you either can’t read or can’t swallow.  They even have soups and vegetarian options for those of you that can’t chew or can’t eat meat. The best part of Sr. Sol, however, is the bill at the end of the meal.  It will make you smile.  So seriously, what are you waiting for?  Go get some Sr. Sol.

Special Note:  Feeling Lazy? Not only do they deliver, but they recently opened a second location closer to downtown at 255 West Broad St.
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