Yogurt Wars

Froyo places in Athens are becoming like Waffle Houses in the South.  It is totally plausible that you could see three of them at a four-way stop.  Since they all serve virtually the same flavors its hard to differentiate between them.  While I will do my best to remain Impartial, it might be hard for me not to show my bias for a certain froyo shop that rhymes with shmolarshmerry.



  • Lots of tart flavors
  • Lots of toppings
  • Lots of people
  • Lots of sorority girls
  • self-serve


  • Savory flavors are not as creamy as they could be
  • Limited savory flavor selection
  • I dare you to park.  Seriously just try it.
  • Lots of people
  • Lots of sorority girls
  • texture is icier than some places(not an issue with tart flavors)

Yoforia Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon


Located on Alps near Ru San’s and the movie theatre, this location is further out-of-town.


  • Outside of town
  • You can actually park here
  • good tart flavors
  • passable savory flavors
  • Lots of sorority girls
  • most interesting spoons
  • Self Serve


  • Outside of town
  • Lots of sorority girls
  • more young children than other places

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon


Located in the heart of downtown,Yoguri was Athens’ first froyo place.


  • All of their stuff is made in house
  • Organic
  • Good tart flavors
  • Nice mix of people from all walks of life
  • Super nice owner who is often hanging out in the shop
  • Downtown


  • Not self-serve
  • Fewer toppings
  • Fewer flavors
  • all flavors including chocolate have a tart taste
  • I seriously dare you to park anywhere downtown in a reasonable amount of time

Yoguri on Urbanspoon


Located on Athens Highway next to the DePalma’s and Auga Linda, this is one of Athens’ newest froyo offerings.


  • Undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in the savory flavor category
  • Way outside town
  • You can park here no matter what
  • You can often get 50% off just by look at their Facebook page. It’s seriously 5 or so nights a week
  • Never overflowing with people


  • Not Self Serve
  • A bit of a drive
  • Pricier than most if it’s not 50% off

Polarberry Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon

YoDawgs Athens’ Best Yogurt


  • Lots of toppings
  • Lots of fat-free options
  • Nice old man owns the place and is on hand most nights
  • almost never busy
  • parking is super easy
  • Located on Baxter so it wins the shortest drive for froyo where you can actually park award


  • Some of the flavors have a weird after taste
  • Flavors tend to be hit or miss from one night to the next
  • Athens’ newest froyo spot so it’s still working out some kinks
  • fat-free birthday cake and cheese cake don’t have that savory quality

In summation, I tried to provide an impartial view of the Athens froyo scene.  I probably failed… but I really did try.

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