Japanese food is without a doubt my favorite cuisine.  The two greatest meals of my life were at Morimoto in Philadelphia, PA and Nobu in San Diego, CA.  Add to this my already high expectations of food in general, and you are faced with one hell of a nightmare reviewer.  For this particular review I have decided to rate things on a 5 star system.  Following the rating will be an explanation of why I rated it how I rated it.

Fish: 4.8 stars
The fish was very good. It was of markedly higher quality than it was at the other sushi places I visited in town. Prices are also markedly high than at other sushi spots in town.  However, I am willing to throw down when I’m eating sushi because it is an indulgence, a celebration of all things seafood in their purest form.   I’ll pay for quality.

Service: 3 stars
Basically, the service is better than the GRIT, but that isn’t saying alot.  The servers are comprised mainly of college aged girls who know little about the menu or cuisin in general.  All that being said, the older servers are better and all the servers seem to put forth an effort to be courteous.  I for one don’t care if my server insults me as long as the food is good.  However, if this sort of thing really bothers you, sit at the sushi bar.

Other Menu Items: 3.5 stars
Additional dishes are not bad. not bad at all.  Though lacking woefully in terms of traditional dishes like Oyako Don, okonomo yaki, Unagi Don, and many others, but for what they are aiming for they’ve done well. They have instead catered to the college crowd with things like fried oyster shooters and tempura Oreos.  Of particular note are the tempura Oreos which I could eat till I coma.

The best Traditional non sushi item on the menu... and its free at the sushi bar.

Decor: 5 stars
There are lots of shiny things
and blue lights in the establishment. It is staffed with lots of attractive
women that are not encyclopedic in their knowledge of the menu. However, it would be wrong of me not to award them the 5 stars for what is seemingly a major focus for this establishment.

Price: 2 stars/ 4 stars ( sitting at sushi bar)
They have been the only sushi game in town for years and they know it. You pay for this
too, but its a far cry from highway robbery. It is worth mentioning that you get
a free Kani salad, baked mussel app., and tempura Oreo dessert if you sit at the
sushi bar. This is awesome. The only drawback is that you might actually have to
literally fight someone to get a seat.

These make me so happy!

Lasting Impressions: Sit at the sushi bar and be prepared to pay more than other sushi places in Athens.  Also know that you are not going to a Japanese restaurant, but a sushi bar.  If you are looking for authentic Japanese dishes… learn to cook, drive to Atlanta, or locate a Japanese grandmother somewhere in the Athens area(this point is driven home by their 10 dollar Hamachi Kama Fail pictured Below).

Not very good.

Overall, I enjoyed my trip and will definitely be back.  My only wish is that they might trade the fancy neon blue lights and chic decor for some traditional entrees. That being said, this place is probably in business for the same reason as most dining establishments.  They want to serve food and make money. They seem to be doing a fine job of both.
Shokitini on Urbanspoon

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