While most of my posts are long-winded, over analyzing ramblings that seem to go on forever, I am trying to keep this one short and sweet.  Kelly’s is a lot of awesome food for very little money.  Kelly cooks and is an awesome guy. His wife, though she has to warm up to you, is pretty cool too.  She serves to food from behind the counter.  If you don’t want to run the risk of them running out of food go early.  The Jerk Salmon is awesome and so is the chicken.  Jerk anything here is as hot as it can possibly be without inducing chemical burns… which I really like.  The sides are awesome too, but instead of just taking my word for it look at the pretty picture below and then go there yourself.

Rice and Peas, Mac N' Cheese, and Jerk Chicken. So Tasty!

Kelly's Authentic Jamaican Food on Urbanspoon

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