The Good, The Meh, and The Inedible

I’ve been at Directions 2011 so time for updates hasn’t exactly been plentiful,but food in the business environment has.  Here’s a quick snack of a post.  The Best dish of the week was the Ahi Tuna Carpaccio from the Funky Monkey (Pictured Below).  Since I’m still getting the hang of this whole wordpress thing, and I don’t have adequate time to devote to it between working,working out, and eating for a family of five, the gallery Below will have to suffice.  It is organized into the good, the meh, and the inedible.

The Funky Monkey was pretty decent.  It was a cool spot, with great alcohol, good food choices including the ahi and their marinated veggies, and good service.

(The Funky Monkey) Wonderful. Fresh Tuna, Sirhacha, optional dipping sauces

That being said, they also turned out the worst sliders I have ever encountered at any establishment.  They were bison, which is admittedly a harder meat to deal with, but I still find it amazing that they were able to make meat so tough and so greasy all at once.  Luckily their bison sins were washed away by the best Ahi Tuna Tartare I have had to date.  Overall it was a good experience, but you will end up spending a small fortune on alcohol.  Bottom line.  Go if you want to spend a lot of money on drinks.  Don’t go if you want decent sliders.

Funky Monkey Wine Company on Urbanspoon

The Napa Grill was decent ,but like every other restaurant found in a hotel, wildly over priced for what you get.  Our server was very polite, but not the most well drilled individual I have ever come across.  By the time we got our entrees the highlight of our meal, a bread basket containing foccacia and a locally sourced cranberry wheat bread, had been long exhausted.  Although my salad (pictured below) was good, the Mahi was flavorless despite the fact that it looked well seasoned.

Meh (Napa Grill) The Salad was good but the Mahi was bland. Seasoning Please. Maybe some Lemon? I sort of saved it with the dressing so it wasn't awful.

It would have been a total loss, but I was able to rescue it with the dressing so it avoided the dreaded “inedible” list.  The burgers and fries my co workers had were said to be delicious.  I wouldn’t know.

Napa at The Peabody on Urbanspoon

The Capriccio Grill was awesome on all fronts.  Awesomely good food, awesomely good service, and awesomely high prices.  I was in a funky sort of mood so I really didn’t want to have the ahi prepared in butter so I asked the waiter to ask the chef if he would make something lighter and “have fun with it.”

(Capriccio Grill) Fresh and accompanied by a delightful yuzu koshso dipping sauce.

Boy did that ever pay off.  My seared Ahi Tuna Steak, which was a good 12 oz., came out with a delightful yuzu kosho dipping sauce that I was told to’ “introduce into the dish as I pleased.”  Well, after my tuna and dipping sauce became formally acquainted, I found myself very happy and willing to come back to this establishment any time.

Capriccio Grill Italian Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

Note:  There is no real way of figuring out which kitchen their stuff is coming out of, but as a rule, their pastries are good and the rest of their stuff is at least passable.

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