Big City Bread

I now refer to my first visit to Big City Bread as an exercise in why I should have given it a chance two years earlier.  I had stayed away from this place for quite some time because, in my mind, it was a breakfast spot that was trying to do lunch and dinner and for whatever reason, I don’t really like going out to lunch because I like my lunches light, cheap, and hassle free…but eventually I cracked and went to BCB.  Good thing too.

Seeing as I am not a fan of the heavy, coma inducing lunch, I always get their half sandwich and soup or salad plate.  While I can speak for both the black bean sandwich, spicy, filling, and a little messy, and their turkey peach chutney sandwich, a basic but solid performer, the real stars of their lunch menu are their soups and foccacia.  The Watermelon Gazpacho special( pictured below with the turkey sandwich)is amazing.  It’s levels of light,fresh, watermelony goodness lead me to discard my spoon and drink it like a beverage, drawing the ire of  the lady dining next to me on the patio.  I told her not to judge me till she’d had one… after which she apologized.

Turkey Lunch

When I ate dinner there on my birthday a few weeks ago I found myself drinking the sauce from my seared salmon as well.  There was bacon in it and it was doing work!  They also sent out a happy birthday desert app.  It was delicious.

Overall Verdict: Good people, Good food, very happy hungry dude.

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